Things to Know About Animal Care Training

What qualifications do you need to look after animals?
Though for the job of animal care no formal qualification is required but if you want to take care of animals as part of your career then you can get training while doing the job. But if you want to gain some position in such jobs then you must have knowledge and skills according to the type of your job. However, in some cases, to be eligible for this animal care training one must have completed full-time courses for a Diploma in Animal Care of Level 2 and Diploma in Animal Management of Level 3 from the College of Animal Welfare to look after animals as a professional.

What do you learn in animal care?
In the field of animal care, there are various types of courses including diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs. The candidates can learn different types of skills in these programs related to veterinary science and skills to prepare them to take care of animals depending upon the animal you want to care of. Some of the common things learned in these courses may include techniques to train animals, grooming methods, nutrition and health care, herd management, and breeding animals, etc.

What careers are in animal care?
In the field of animal care, there is a wide range of career opportunities like Veterinary Technician or Technologist, Zoo Veterinarian, Zoologist, Veterinary Assistant, dog trainer, Animal Trainer, pet sitter, dog walker, and Pet Adoption Counselor, etc. You can start your career in any of these positions depending upon your qualification and experience in this field.

How do I start a career with animals?
You can start a career in animal care by completing educational qualifications as well as training programs from a reputed institution. After qualification and training, you must have hands-on experience to take care of animals by working with certain animal-related facilities like volunteering at animal rescue or shelter, at a Veterinary Clinic, at a Pet Sitting Service, participating in work-study programs at some College or volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre or Zoo, etc. You can have a successful career in animal care after improving your skills through hands-on experience.

Can I work with animals without a degree?
If you want to start your career with animals without getting a relevant degree then you can start working in this field in the positions in which any formal qualification is not required. But to get an entry in this field you will have to have enough experience with various types of animals. Some of the job opportunities with animals without any degree may include veterinary nurse, assistant dog trainer, conservation volunteer, a Wildlife Assistant with a wildlife centre or a charity, zookeeper or pet behaviourist, etc.

What job with animals pays the most?
If you an animal lover and have adequate qualifications or experience then there are many high paying jobs with animals for your like pet groomer, veterinary nurse, marine biologist, pet sitter, wildlife biologist, animal nutritionist, veterinarian or land conservation manager, etc.

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